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Society today is less vulnerable to what is said to charity. Payment or issuance of charity is emphasized when the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan and before Syawal ahead. Tithe collected by the amil-amil throughout Malaysia became a norm is fulfilled by most Muslims.


However, society is less exposed than the payment of zakat zakat tithe of income as zakat, zakat stock, gold and silver zakat, charity fund, charity, agriculture, charity, EPF, business and charity animal charity.


Zakat collection was done by calculations which have been determined. Claims on zakat  should be emphasized as a claim on a property that should be released for distribution to a more deserving.


Cultural attributes in a fair tithe of every human soul Muslims for zakat funds to be distributed to the recipients, recipients are prescribed under Islamic law and thus can form a charity reception that eventually became a contributor to charity. Hence, a need brought about a paradigm shift in the effective management of zakat either in terms of distribution as well as collection appropriate to the era of globalization and the borderless world.



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