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Hardship, bitterness and hardship that still felt by some society today not should be looked trivial by present Muslim community. However do hardship that felt by they can bring one thousand realizations to group that rich make blunt treasure?. Grief and misery that they cross should be made into guide and guide to us in pursuit life's luxuries.


State every who live in this Allah earth unequal style and the attitude. Uncertainty what desired can be enjoyed. Forget, negligent and idle punish group that difficult this live more abject. By right this Muslim community always together in go through life, like said saying "Yang Berat Sama Dipikul, Yang Ringan Sama Dijinjing". With this awareness indirectly we can help lighten will burden human beings that really need.


Wisdom hidden behind a charity production of the event would bring awareness contemplated with a sincere heart. The poor have no more guarantees and rights simply ignored. Needy recipients often ask of the government, rather than the rich in order to preserve personal dignity and his face. It also encouraged a sense of shame to ask, and keep him from hurt feelings and as a result of the offensive words.


Apart from that, less public knowledge in zakat distribution business make a mistake understanding on information caused many among rich set which gives zakat to the poor person only, while different class that deserve, forgotten. Indeed the zakat not specific to asnaf fakir, poor and people that champion religion only, but it is much more spacious that linked to Moslem ethnic group's benefit such as convert group, debt shackle and education affairs.


Prosperity results of the heavens and the earth with justice the government, causing the rich to the poor is difficult to find a charity to be given at the time of Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz. During this period, Muslims are always the best people, with dignity and respect from opponents and friends. There are luxuries of life, then put him to uphold the claim of the Muslim religion. Height of the peaks of knowledge has led some Muslims to waste time in trivial matters of dispute that ended with one another and eventually destroy the golden era of the reign of the Ottoman government.


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