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Zakat Fitr Zakat is compulsory for every Muslim male and female individuals are capable of certain conditions.




Zakat can be paid at any time. Zakat rate is 2.5% of total assets. It means all our properties, 2.5% of our wealth is not our rights but the rights of the 8 recipients who are eligible to receive alms from us.

Zakat must be issued because it is a way of jihad in Allah and Islam.


" (They still live) but Messenger, and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and their lives are those who receive benefits and those who will prosper. "

(Surah At-Touba, Verse 88)


" Not equal are those who sit (at home) from among those who believe other than those who have ill health and those who strive (fight) in the way of Allah (to defend Islam) with the goods and their . Allah has preferred those who strive with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (do not fight at home) with the advantages of a degree and every one (of two parties that) Allah has promised good (Paradise ) dab Allah has preferred those who fight for those who sit (at home and not have a home) with a great reward. "

(Surah An-Nisaa', Verse 95)

Zakat is divided into several types :

  • Zakat of Business
  • Zakat of KWSP/LTAT
  • Zakat of Share
  • Zakat of Income
  • Zakat of Savings
  • Zakat of Livestock
  • Zakat of Gold and Silver
  • Zakat of Crops

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